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In 2001, Tutto  was founded in Tianhe, Guangzhou,
and initially produced carbon filament bulbs.After continuous innovation and gradually expanding its scope of operation,  
it became a transnational electronic giant.

In the rapid development of the national economy and the steady improvement
of residents' income, the jewelry industry in China has shown a rapid development trend. In 2010, the total sales amount reached 125 billion 200 million yuan, up 41.47%. The performance of gold, silver and jewellery Enterprises above the quota was more impressive. The sales of sales in the first half of 2011 reached 110 billion 100 million yuan, and increased by 68.85% over the same period. .  in the mind of the customer. Looking forward to

Domestic jewelry industry is still in the initial stage of development.
"2011 China's 500 most valuable brand list", there are 14 jewelry enterprises, except for Hongkong Chow Da Fu. Most of them are the first to enter the list. On the other hand, the domestic jewelry brand market is relatively high, the enterprise leading the industry is not yet formed, the industry "big industry, small company" situation will be held. Continued maintenance, but the industry has good prospects for development, leading enterprises will continue to maintain high growth.  in the mind of the customer. Looking forward to

Strengthening channel construction to expand sales to win in the increasingly fierce competition has become a top priority for major jewelry retailers.  in the mind of the customer. Looking forward to

Although China's per capita consumption of jewellery increased from $10.2 in 2000 to $18.8 in 2009,
it is still relatively low compared with developed countries. The per capita consumption of jewellery in the United States and Japan in 2009 amounted to $154.7 and $89, respectively, 8 times and 5 times as much as China. China's luxury market will rise rapidly in the future, and the market will reach 180 billion yuan by 2015. By that time, China will become the world's largest luxury market. Gold and silver jewellery and other high elastic luxury goods will become the biggest beneficiaries of the rapid upgrading of the current consumption structure of residents.